Is there a relationship between connectedness to nature and psychopathic personality traits?

For this weeks edition of Food for Thought we thought that this article was very interesting. Many of our clients have been asking about how nature affects our personality. Dean Fido made some really good points. Check out the article below.

According to Dean Fido, MSc Forensic Psychology Programme Lead at the University of Derby, psychopathy is a personality trait that we all have to some degree. In Fido’s most recent study, he found that individuals with lower connections to nature tend to have higher levels of psychopathic personality traits. The study also suggests that an individual’s preference to live in more densely populated urban areas vs rural or suburban areas plays a significant role in ones presentation of psychopathic traits.

Click on the link below to access the full article written by Eric W. Dolan to read more on the research conducted by Dean Fido.

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