All of us!

My story is like all of us, and I thought I was so unique, both in thought and in food.

I was not fat as a kid, or a teenager, but was definitely not very supportive, because I never participated in any group games, never really understood the rules and was unable to run, was often used as a “pill” in games. However, I did feel very oily. I was very tall immediately as a child and the words 175 on loading, bigger than the boys in my class. My girlfriends were among girls on the heels and neighbors, however, I aimed that we were not using the same clothing sizes. Sad but true, self-image was not strong, I went there in the middle of adolescence to use unwanted methods to lose weight, Bullimía was not known at this time since 40 years ago, still I was a tan, I see pictures from that time.
I have four children in 12 years, and I happily added on three pregnancies, was always eating for two. J between then went to “effort” and I lost weight but weighted back immediately and then added 2-4kg extra on me every time, Pukur, The Line, Soup Cure, the Danish course, Herbalif, and what this is all called , there was no man with humans if he was not in any cure or effort.
In 2012 there will be so much change in my life, I am diagnosed with high blood pressure and medicine, as well as having fibromyalgia, I started walking, in private training, but nothing went wrong and I continued to weight, About the end of November / des I am diagnosed with arthritis and also diabetes 2 and had to measure blood glucose 4x daily. Now I did not look at the blink as it was 125 kg. weight. There I decided and told the doctor that I was going to deal with the diet and didn’t want to get any more drugs. He said it was such an excellence, but I would come up with a measurement between Christmas and New Year. I have never been as surprised, had just intended to start after Christmas! But he pointed out to me that it was then the first Christmas that I had, hopefully some where I had to face the diet. This was a difficult December month, but since I had a diabetic child into my home for a year, I liked to cook that food. I didn’t lose anything this December, but I didn’t gain weight either, and I felt it was a definite victory now. Then January and February passed and I lost 7 kg. I always needed to measure my blood sugar.
At the end of February, I received a phone call, she was short and tidy “I have been teaching you at the MFM Center tomorrow on Stóra-Tjörn, it costs X a lot of money and you get a refund from our union. Once this course is finished, you can go to OA or GSA. If you do not plan, you will pay off yourself ”
In short, I attended the course and, since March 2, 2013, weighed and measured three meals a day.
This has not been easy, I cried to sleep the first night, did not know what I was getting into. The only thing I thought was “never before carbohydrates or alcohol” but a little together I received a lot of education and good support. I got a diagnosis as a food addict and it opened up a new world to me, because I have always argued that it was a good thing now that I was not an alcohol addict because then I was in the boot, and as I did not smoke because I would need two packages day.
Yet, I had difficulty reconciling words like rampant superstitions. Puff, puff I was not overbearing felt to me, I felt ugly and hurtful- Everybody gets the most hurt – were words that came later in my mind. But by attending meetings and working on the 12 steps, I have realized what an addict and rampant I was. Everywhere in all closets, drawers, handcuffs, the car, and at work was “my kick”. I hid this for others in the home so I could enjoy it myself when the only thing that mattered, food has never been my problem, but the carbohydrates up to my groups are my worst enemies.
I did some shopping for the guests, but they didn’t get any of what was bought except maybe a little bit. I have been very diligent to back into my family and also to myself. J Today I have left the trash bin, but before that I was a trash can.
The bath weight controlled me the day, I weighed every morning, lightened her and hoped she had a good number, if not then the day was useless and could be eaten as a man list. The weight was my worst enemy.
Today I eat three weighted and measured meals a day, and I have never eaten as much in my life. I feel good, I attend meetings regularly and am working on the 12 steps for the second time.
Today I am free from diabetes, (do not need to plug me 4x a day) high blood pressure, asthma, steroids, and apart from what dental expenses have reduced J in bonuses all this, I am 45 kg. lighter
I have a lot more endurance, and standing with myself. I still have rheumatism, but I do much better with all the work from her. Every day I write down and thank for three things that have happened throughout the day. I’ve set goals and write them down. My Higher Power helps me walk through the day. The bathroom weight no longer controls, but the table weight is my best friend today J
Life continues and it brings Christmas and Easter, it brought joy and sorrow, but I’m better off coping with everything now.